Our Terms

All students and parents are expected to observe and respect the Dance Schools terms and conditions at all times.

  • Correct uniform must be worn at all times.
  • No chewing gum allowed on the premises
  • No food or drinks allowed in the studio’s ( only water allowed)
  • All rubbish to be placed in the Bins provided
  • No blocking the doorway or Exits
  • Students to be well groomed
  • No jewellery to be worn
  • Any illness or Injury please inform the teacher immediately
  • Any extra curriculum Danced based activity must have Miss Sutcliffe’s permission prior to any application.
  • No attendance to any other Dance School is permitted Whilst being trained at Miss Sutcliffe Academy Of Dance.
  • 4 weeks notice must be given if a student decides they no longer want to be in a particular Dance Class
  • All Missed classes must be paid for
  • All classes must be paid for at the 1ST class of the week (ie: if you have a class on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, all 4 classes would be paid on Monday).